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Eid Mubarak Shayari Hindi Urdu Tamil Telugu Bengali 2018

Eid Ke Din Bhi Tanha Hun Mein Phir Bhi G Raah Hun Teri Eid Khushiun Bhri Hoo Rub Sy Karta Yeh Duaa Hun Ashkun Ka Sagur Jo Pey Giya Mein Ek Aisa Diya Hun Mujhe Es Baat Ka Ghum Hay Eid Ke Din Tum Sy Juda Hun Tum Sy Gila Hay Na Shikyat Apne Muqaddar Sy Khfa Hun..!

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Eid Mubarak Shayari in Urdu 2018

Here you find great Shayari in Urdu on the occasion of Eid.

Eid Mubarak wishes Tamil Telugu Bengali 2018


but I remember she did not like to eat vegetables, remember measure three rounds, remember shoe size, memory size ring, remember the date “red lights”, remember every anniversary, birthday Me, Me dishes food allergies, or use cosmetics brand memory of her … I will see her story is more important than the story itself. Can I eat noodles for a week, just to give her buy a dress so beautiful? I think, sometimes a guy’s romantic is not necessary, just people that love you honest enough.

Makeup beautiful, twinkling wink at him and asked: “You look beautiful do not have?”. He: “Do not move, you have something eye on him. “I think he said that to give me a deep kiss. Results … Yup … He pulled the lid always assume that I glued down!

5. “Hubby, I stomachache.” “Drink plenty of warm water.”
“Hubby, I have a fever.” “Drink plenty of warm water.”
“Hubby, Kids broken computer.” “Drink more warm water. ”
Drink drank his head !!!

6. The love I study science and technology, that for once I asked him: “If you want the stars, he has picked for me?” He seriously: “How much to you, sir, how did picking is, I have been doing okay there? “.

7. At arguing with people: “Do not bother arguing with him anymore, I go to sleep.

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