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The Blessed Month – Ramadan Greeting Poem 2018

Muslims are very happy now to welcome the Ramadan. Here is a Greeting poem welcoming the Ramadan.

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The Blessed Month – Ramadan Greeting Poem 2018

Marhaban Ahlan wasahlan, Oh Ramadan!

the month of blessing,

the month that all Muslims are anxiously awaiting to fast,

the month that elevates the faith of Muslims,

the month that brings good and bad Muslims together,

the month in which Qur’an is recited more than all the other months combined,

Oh the loving Ramadan, here you are with us again,

the month of piety in which all doubtful hobbies are avoided,

Oh Ramadan, Marhaban Ahlan wasahlan!

the only month that has a Night of Power,

the only month in which Angels descend in troops,

the month in which the poor and the rich get their past sins forgiven,

Oh, Ramadan, the lessons you taught us will not be forgotten,

Oh , amadan, we look forward to seeing more of you in fettle.

Marhaban ahlan wasahlan, 

Oh, Ramadan!

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